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Phobia–The Big Bang Theory

This video examines Sheldon’s germ phobia.  The video owner incorrectly calls it “Sheldon’s OCD.”

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Reverse Psychology–The Big Bang Theory

Sheldon’s mom convinces him that he needs to get back together with Amy Farrah Fowler, without him knowing she’s convincing him.

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Defense Mechanisms–The Big Bang Theory

Penny takes out some of her frustrations on her apartment door and hilarity ensues.

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Social Psychology–The Big Bang Theory

Amy Farrah Fowler explains why humans have a natural urge to ostracize others.

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Personality–The Big Bang Theory

In this clip, Amy asks Penny about Freud’s theory of penis envy.  She also mentions her night terrors.

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Neuroscience–The Big Bang Theory

Amy talks about the prefrontal cortex, the limbic system and the amygdala and relates it to Penny’s attraction to Leonard.

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Sleep–Big Bang Theory

Because I absolutely love how this show drops subtle psychology references regularly, I thought I’d share this clip where Sheldon deals with his inability to sleep by sneaking into Penny’s apartment to organize/clean.  Penny, of course, is livid and there’s … Continue reading

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Consciousness–The Big Bang Theory

In this clip, Sheldon is slipped “a handful of Valium” in some warm milk…hilarity ensues.

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