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Learning-The Colbert Report

http://thecolbertreport.cc.com/videos/jz3rdd/pavlok-fitness-band Stephen Colbert gives a hilarious description of the Pavlok activity tracker that shocks you for not being active, posts to your Facebook account when you don’t go to the gym and deducts $ from your bank account when you … Continue reading

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Learning–Superfetch on Animal Planet

One of my favorite activities in psych was to bring my Australian Shepherd, Jasper, and have the students select a trick to teach him. ¬†We would then discuss the best way to teach the trick, the methods, schedules of reinforcement, … Continue reading

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Learning–Prisoner’s Dilemma–Dilbert

In this clip, Dilbert explains the prisoner’s dilemma and watches in horror as his friends rat him out.

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Operant Conditioning–Big Bang Theory


This well known clip from popular TV show “The Big Bang Theory” shows Sheldon using elements of operant conditioning to teach Penny what he considers “more desirable behaviors.”

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