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Personality–Family Guy

Chris dates a girl who looks exactly like his mom.  Stewie mentions the Oedipus Complex, and gets slightly inappropriate at the very end.  Preview first 🙂

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Developmental–The Family Guy–Object Permanence

Stewie doesn’t quite display object permanence in his game of peek-a-boo!

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Development–Family Guy

In this clip, Lois has a “midlife crisis.”  Be sure to preview this beforehand as it might not be appropriate for all classrooms.

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Negative Reinforcement–Family Guy

This clip is similar to the one from “The Simpson’s.”  Stewie repeatedly says “mom” to Lois who is ignoring him.  When she finally yells “WHAT?”  Stewie says “Hi” and runs off.

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Developmental–Family Guy

This is quick…A bird lands on Stewie’s head, he wonders what to do and Brian tells him “you better hope he’s not standing on your soft spot.”  The bird shifts weight, and Stewie goes to mush.

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