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Big Bang Theory–Yerkes-Dodson

In this clip, Amy is using Sheldon as a subject to find his optimum anxiety zone.  The whole episode relates to this concept Season 8- Episode 13. Big Bang Theory the Research  

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Sublimation- The Big Bang Theory

Sheldon diverts his sorrow over his break up with Amy by collecting cats.  🙂

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Cognition- The Big Bang Theory

Prototypes and priming abound (maybe a little overconfidence effect)!!! The last person I would want to play Pictionary with is Sheldon Cooper!

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Personality–The Big Bang Theory

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QV6DpJKW6a0 Sheldon sits down to have Leonard conduct a therapy session.  However, the roles get reversed.  They make several references to personality theory that could make for a fun introduction or 3 minute break during this unit.

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Memory–The Big Bang Theory

Amy attempts to get Sheldon to transfer favorable feelings from his childhood memories onto her.

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Memory–The Big Bang Theory

Sheldon shows off his eidetic memory in this clip from The Big Bang Theory.

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Operant Conditioning–Big Bang Theory


This well known clip from popular TV show “The Big Bang Theory” shows Sheldon using elements of operant conditioning to teach Penny what he considers “more desirable behaviors.”

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