Somatoform Disorder–Talladega Nights

Ricky Bobby has himself a bit of somatoform disorder!

Thanks to @turnerstevend for the clip.

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Developmental–The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon

Here we have a coupling of two things I adore, psychology and Jimmy Fallon!  On Jimmy’s first night hosting The Tonight Show, his goes, Will Smith discusses his recent decision to sky dive.  He cites that he is now 45 and considers this half-tim of his life and in a sports game, you don’t quit a halftime you play harder in the 3rd quarter.

@turnerstevend pointed out that this clip would be perfect for developmental!


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How I Met Your Mother–Cognitive Dissonance


In this clip, Lilly, Robin and Marshall experience cognitive dissonance.

Thanks to @amyramponi for the clip!

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In this clip, the Elaine, Kramer, Jerry and George practice saying “these pretzels are making me thirsty” using different emotions.

Thanks to Scott Reed for the clip!

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Sensation and Perception–Honda Commercial

This Honda CRV commercial takes many “impossible” situations and makes them possible.  I watched the first time with my jaw dropped, and had to watch 3 more times before I made this post!

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Abnormal Behavior–Phobias–NFL Player Has Horse Phobia

This really has nothing to do with television shows but it does involve the mass media and a professional athlete, so it kind of counts.

Kansas City Chiefs Safety, Eric Berry, has a phobia of horses.  The bad part is that after every touchdown the Chiefs’ mascot, a horse named Warpaint, trots a lap around the field.  Berry goes to great lengths to avoid the horse due to his fear.  This video (which gets really funny around the 5:00 mark) goes through his reactions to the horse and a sort of comedic desensitization program to deal with his phobia.  Since I’m a Chiefs fan, this is probably more entertaining to me, but your students might enjoy it too.


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Social Psychology–The Dark Knight

This clip from “The Dark Knight” features the just world phenomenon and social trap.

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Personality–Family Guy

Chris dates a girl who looks exactly like his mom.  Stewie mentions the Oedipus Complex, and gets slightly inappropriate at the very end.  Preview first 🙂

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The therapist gives Cliff a shock every time he makes a jerk-like remark.  You might also use this in your learning unit.

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At the 1:00 mark there is a clip for hypnotherapy for hoarding.


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