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I'm a high school psychology teacher hoping to provide a one stop shop for other psych teachers who want to incorporate pop culture into their psychology courses.

Cognitive Dissonance–Friends

In this clip, Phoebe has very negative feelings about Pottery Barn, but when she learns that ALL of their loved living room furniture comes from PB, she has to come to terms with her belief.  Cognitive Dissonance- Friends

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Blackish-Psychodynamic therapy

This clip from Blackish comes from friend of the blog, Steve Jones. In this clip, Dre goes to therapy and the therapist uses some psychodynamic techniques to get at the root of Dre’s problems.

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Big Bang Theory–Yerkes-Dodson

In this clip, Amy is using Sheldon as a subject to find his optimum anxiety zone.  The whole episode relates to this concept Season 8- Episode 13. Big Bang Theory the Research  

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Seinfeld-Motivation and Emotion

In this clip, George, exhibits the Yerkes-Dodson Law when coming up with come backs.  He’s way over stimulated and well….”That’s what I should have said!” Jerk Store  

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Defense Mechanisms- The Big Bang Theory

Sheldon exhibits some more defense mechanisms (regression, sublimation)…He makes this too easy sometimes!

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Sublimation- The Big Bang Theory

Sheldon diverts his sorrow over his break up with Amy by collecting cats.  🙂

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Cognition- The Big Bang Theory

Prototypes and priming abound (maybe a little overconfidence effect)!!! The last person I would want to play Pictionary with is Sheldon Cooper!

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Therapy- Transference- The Sopranos

A big thank you to Joe Swope for editing this clip of Tony Soprano experiencing transference in his therapy session.

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Research Methods-The Simpsons

Lisa’s rock seems to be keeping the bears away…correlation does not equal causation!!

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Personality- Id, Ego, Superego- Donald Duck

Here’s another id, ego, superego example, this time with Donald Duck.

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