Abnormal Behavior–Phobias–NFL Player Has Horse Phobia

This really has nothing to do with television shows but it does involve the mass media and a professional athlete, so it kind of counts.

Kansas City Chiefs Safety, Eric Berry, has a phobia of horses.  The bad part is that after every touchdown the Chiefs’ mascot, a horse named Warpaint, trots a lap around the field.  Berry goes to great lengths to avoid the horse due to his fear.  This video (which gets really funny around the 5:00 mark) goes through his reactions to the horse and a sort of comedic desensitization program to deal with his phobia.  Since I’m a Chiefs fan, this is probably more entertaining to me, but your students might enjoy it too.



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I'm a high school psychology teacher hoping to provide a one stop shop for other psych teachers who want to incorporate pop culture into their psychology courses.
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