Learning–Superfetch on Animal Planet

JasperOne of my favorite activities in psych was to bring my Australian Shepherd, Jasper, and have the students select a trick to teach him.  We would then discuss the best way to teach the trick, the methods, schedules of reinforcement, type of reinforcement, etc. I’d bring different toys and show the students discrimination and generalization in action.  We taught him to “get me a tissue”  “hit the lights” “get in the box” and to ride a skateboard to name a few.  I loved being able to spend the day with my dog and have him co-teach the class with me.  At the start of every semester the students would ask “when is your dog coming?”

That dog turned 14 a few weeks ago.  He’s partially blind and deaf, and gets very easily confused.  It’s sad to watch him get old, and it’s really sad when I get to this unit and I can’t bring him to school.

BUT, thank goodness for the internet!  Animal Planet has a show called “Superfetch” that I learned about on our weekly twitter #psychat

It BASICALLY does what I would do when I brought Jasper to school.  It’s not the same, but who doesn’t like watching dog videos?


About Jen

I'm a high school psychology teacher hoping to provide a one stop shop for other psych teachers who want to incorporate pop culture into their psychology courses.
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