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Active Listening–Everybody Loves Raymond

These two clips from “Everybody Loves Raymond” take a funny look at parenting classes (specifically Parent Effectiveness Training) and active listening.     Special thanks to @AmyRamponi for the links!

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Social Loafing–South Park

A teacher took the liberty of editing out Cartman’s potty mouth in this clip.  The boys go to shovel snow and everyone shovels except Cartman.  Fun example of the door in the face technique and social loafing.  I wish the … Continue reading

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Learning–Superfetch on Animal Planet

One of my favorite activities in psych was to bring my Australian Shepherd, Jasper, and have the students select a trick to teach him.  We would then discuss the best way to teach the trick, the methods, schedules of reinforcement, … Continue reading

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Great Resource!

Blog reader, Melissa, shared this youtube channel with me!  Some of the videos might be a bit “edgy” for a classroom, but he has many psych related videos on a variety of topics!  Check it out!

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Memory–Finding Nemo

Students often reference Dory in Finding Nemo when we learn about short-term memory.  I’m embarrassed to say I’ve never seen this movie, but thankfully @brdcmpbll provided me with this clip!  Nemo and Dory have a funny interaction in which Dory … Continue reading

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Memory–50 First Dates

This clip comes from the movie “50 First Dates,” a comedy starring Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler.  Frequently when I teach about the types of amnesia, students bring up this movie.  This clip is of “10 Second Tom” a man … Continue reading

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Classical Conditioning- Fraiser

Fraiser plans to play a prank using some principles of classical conditioning.  

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