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Social Learning–Volkswagen

Though, not a television show, it’s been appearing on television lately!  This Volkswagen commercial can be used when teaching social learning (and perhaps a bit of marketing too!)

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  In this clip, Joey is excited to tell Ross, Monica, Chandler and Rachel that his character on  “Days of Our Lives” is getting a brain transplant.  We always have a fun discussion in class about the what-ifs of brain … Continue reading

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Lifespan Development–Friends

In this clip, Phoebe’s pregnancy hormones are getting the best of her.

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Colin Farrell guests on Scrubs in an episode where a man has Cotard Syndrome and walks around the hospital insisting that he died (4 years ago).  You could also use this as an example of a nihilistic delusion.

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Joey plays Sigmund Freud in “FREUD!”  There really isn’t much instructional relevance here, it’s just a funny clip related to psych.  

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