Have a clip to share?

Looking back at the posts I’ve made since mid-October, I’ve noticed an abundance of clips from two shows: The Big Bang Theory and Friends.  Now there are a few good reasons for the overuse of these programs.  First, no one pulls the clips off youtube like they do with other shows (Modern Family, for example).  Second, they are popular shows with which most students will at least be semi-familiar.  Lastly, I happen to think these shows are well written and lend themselves well to the examples we seek for our classrooms.

However, I’m looking for some new content.  If you have a favorite TV show clip to share, please leave a link in the comment section and you’ll see it in a later blog post!



About Jen

I'm a high school psychology teacher hoping to provide a one stop shop for other psych teachers who want to incorporate pop culture into their psychology courses.
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