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Disorders–20/20 (Schizophrenia)   It’s not a fictional television show, but it does a nice job of explaining the rare world of childhood schizophrenia.

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Disorders–Desperate Housewives

In this clip, Bree’s husband points out some of her perfectionist qualities.  Could she have Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder?

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Social Psychology–The Daily Show This clip from The Daily Show from 2001 takes a look at the “summer of the shark” which could be used to take a playful look at the availability heuristic.  It’s also a funny way to look at media … Continue reading

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Learning–Prisoner’s Dilemma–Dilbert

In this clip, Dilbert explains the prisoner’s dilemma and watches in horror as his friends rat him out.

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Developmental Psych-Erikson’s Stages-The Office

Michael Scott gives his list of tips for a successful life.  You can use this in the Developmental Psychology unit.

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Have a clip to share?

Looking back at the posts I’ve made since mid-October, I’ve noticed an abundance of clips from two shows: The Big Bang Theory and Friends.  Now there are a few good reasons for the overuse of these programs.  First, no one … Continue reading

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Personality (Oedipus)–Dinosaurs

This show from the 90’s depicts classic Oedipus type issues.  The dad gives the baby a baseball bat, presumably to have a “male” item to relate to the child.  The baby dino bonks dad over the head with it and … Continue reading

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Personality–The Big Bang Theory Sheldon sits down to have Leonard conduct a therapy session.  However, the roles get reversed.  They make several references to personality theory that could make for a fun introduction or 3 minute break during this unit.

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