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Memory–The Big Bang Theory

Amy attempts to get Sheldon to transfer favorable feelings from his childhood memories onto her.

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Perception–SNL Sketch Mr. No Depth Perception In this clip from Saturday Night Live, the cast hilariously examines what might happen if a man had no depth perception.  This could be a funny lead in to your sensation/perception unit.

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Memory–Raising the Bar

This clip from “Raising the Bar” deals with the problems with relying on the memory of an eye witness.  They give some statistics and use some memory terms.

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Memory–The Big Bang Theory

Sheldon shows off his eidetic memory in this clip from The Big Bang Theory.

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I really miss this show!  In this clip, Phoebe is trying to help Joey practice his lines in French.  Of course, Joey is completely incapable of completing a phrase.  This could be a fun clip to use in your language … Continue reading

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Cognition–The Big Bang Theory

Here’s a clip from one of my favorite shows, The Big Bang Theory, where Sheldon (of course) explains his “friendship algorithm.”  It’s a fun clip to use when teaching problem solving.  

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Lifespan–Erikson–Identity v. Role Confusion–Full House

In this clip, DJ experiences a bit of a conflict with her identity in the lunch room in middle school.

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Lifespan–Erikson–Intimacy v. Isolation–Friends

Since I think Friends is one of the best shows ever, here’s a clip of Monica trying to cheer up Chandler by wearing a turkey on her head.  In the process, Chandler tells Monica that he loves her. Hilarity ensues

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