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Bystander Effect/Good Samaritan–Seinfeld

In this clip, Kramer, George, Jerry and Elaine witness a man being carjacked. However, they do not help the man…and crack jokes instead.

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Cognitive Development/Piaget–Glee In this clip, Brittany takes the group to see Santa. The others find it very important to make sure they don’t ruin Britt’s belief in Santa.  Ask the students what stage of cognitive development Brittany is in and then … Continue reading

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Social Psychology–Seinfeld

Social Psychology–Seinfeld Elaine observes Mr. Pitt eating a Snicker’s bar with a fork and tells George who then tries to class things up at a meeting by copying the behavior.

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Lifespan/dying–Robot Chicken

The giraffe goes through the stages of grief/dying as he is stuck in quicksand.

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Id, Ego, Superego–Modern Family

Id, Ego, Superego–Modern Family Manny has a classic “devil and angel” situation in a Modern Family way!   This video is on the abc website but I’ll keep looking for it to appear on YouTube.  The clip you want is … Continue reading

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Collection of Movies/TV Shows–Defense Mechanisms

This video features quick clips from a variety of popular movies/TV shows portraying defense mechanisms. The mechanism is defined before each clip.

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The Simpson’s–Negative Reinforcement

Bart and Lisa set out to annoy Homer to the point where he agrees to take them to the water park if they just stop bothering him about it.

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Subliminal Perception–Friends

In this clip, Chandler is using Rachel’s sleep tapes to help him stop smoking. It’s just a fun look at subliminal perception.

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Learning (Classical/Operant Conditioning)–The Office

In this video clip, Jim uses elements of classical conditioning to teach Dwight to desire an Altoid when he hears a computer reboot tone.

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Operant Conditioning–Big Bang Theory

This well known clip from popular TV show “The Big Bang Theory” shows Sheldon using elements of operant conditioning to teach Penny what he considers “more desirable behaviors.”

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